Portrait of Chinese Female Workers
27 8月 2020

《Portrait of Chinese Female Workers》

With the highest labor force participation rate in the world, most Chinese women, including wives or mothers, choose to balance family and career, which means they have to deal with both the housework and the work. In addition to taking on roles including homemaker, nanny, childcare teacher and even family driver, they are also responsible for household procurement and financial management.More importantly, the women worked in the company or factory the same way as men. In view of the fact that women have obviously made more efforts than men, So I determined to record the group images of Chinese female workers and document their perseverance or tolerance in the work environment. Or real portraits of tolerant, strong, tired, happy, sad, confident, confused, etc.

Firstly, I took portraits of female works in manufacturing factories. Up to now, I have shot in 25 factories in 17 provinces, and plan to continue to shoot 8 enterprises in 5 provinces, totaling nearly 300 portraits of female workers from the industries of textile, dyeing,clothing, shoes, steel, machinery, foundry, construction, food, medicine, copper smelting, modern agriculture and animal husbandry.In addition to the Han nationality, some of them are from ethnic minorities including Hui, Mongolian, Uygur, Kazak, Miao, Buyi, etc..

《女工塑像》 摄影燕苍娜