Next Stop, Dream
27 8月 2020

《Next Stop, Dream》  

The photographer has presented us the other side of modern life in big cities. The images of commuters on the subway during the rush hours undesignedly accomplish frames of a silent film.

Unlike the traditional photography portraits, her photo works are almost rebellious. She cruelly rips open the wound of people left by metropolitan life and brings the hidden side into light that are not easily seen by most people. The photos deconstruct the myth of “better city, better life”. They are a reflection and question of today’s rapid economic growth and dense urbanization, also a sympathy and doubt for the way people live.     



《梦想前站》 燕苍娜

Yan Cangna

In Beijing, 12 million people commute daily through the subway. Every morning and evening, many people go to and from work by subway. During this time in the train, thinking is suspended. During this time period, the target site and the passage of time like a passer-by constitute a transition and complement between work and life, which just likes silent movie stills.