close and strange
27 八月 2020

《close and strange》

In Beijing, underground is an indispensable means for every office worker.
At present, there are 22 operating lines in Beijing underground, with a mileage of 608 kilometers, and a total of 370 stations. This is the second longest opening distance in the world. On average, there were 12.82 million people who rushed to the Beijing underground every day.

I am one of them. Commuting by underground is my first choice. I have to go around for about an hour every day, wandering between life and dreams. The underground in the morning and evening peaks are crowded, and the carriages are so airtight. Passengers are just like the compressed luncheon meat, the men, women, the old, the young and pregnant women are all forced to get close contacted. The expression of the passengers flows with ineffable indifference, loneliness and strangeness.

I observe it daily and record it.